shirts, t-

I wanted to have just the snowman on the tummy but I didn't think anyone would get it.
Never, ever, EVER!
Raid T-Shirt spoofs.  'Victim' model available with and without chalk outline.
A T-shirt concept, appropriating military signage.
Have you seen this man?  If so, please contact your local FBI field office.
A motorcycle helmet safety awareness design for my father based on his idea.
Rendered in Photoshop by Phillip Shannon from an original concept by me. Click for larger image.
Wear this and make it easy for the Department of Homeland Security.
You figure it out.
An out-and-proud in-joke for all you straight-but-not-narrow Simpsons fans.
If you have to ask, you don't wanna know.
What Would EaZy E Do?