Sinister, dexter, and actual Seans, not necessarily in that order. Who's that ugly guy in the middle?

So you've all probably seen those composite images made by reflecting one half of a person's face to produce a portrait which is symmetrical about the median line. A common example, although I can't remember where I saw it first (or last), is made of Abraham Lincoln's face and is called "The Two Mr. Lincolns," or something to that effect. Well, here I've done essentially the same thing with my own face (as artfully decorated by Melody Klingler).

The points that people extract from this exercise range from the strictly scientific (generally people find symmetric faces more attractive than asymmetric faces) through the pseudoscientific (right-brain/left-brain voodoo) to the downright wacky (the left-side, or sinister, reflection represents a person's "dark half," and the right-side, or dexter, reflection represents the "good side.") Mostly I just think it's kind of neat looking.