dukane 28A680

The Dukane Model 680 'Quantum' Data Projector

I propose an ethic--what might be called an "ethic of digitization": Whenever a person seeks information on the Internet, and cannot find it there, and then goes on to locate it by other researches--for example by photocopying an article from a journal at the library, or by ordering a document from the government under the Freedom of Information Act--it is incumbent upon her to digitize that information, once she has had her use of it, and to make it available on the Internet herself, provided the cost to do so is not prohibitive. If she does so, none who come after her will need to repeat her extraordinary efforts to obtain that information. What's more, the information itself will thenceforth always be available to her, and she can dispense with the necessity of, say, keeping it in a filing cabinet in the back of the closet for the rest of her days, on the off chance that she might need it again. An important caveat is that no copyright restrictions be violated, so largely this proscription refers to documents which are in the public domain. In the case of copyrighted material, if time permits, she should digitize her notes on the material and/or a summary of the material, complete with citations to the original source, and a description of how she obtained it. By this means the Internet can be made to grow even more rapidly as an information source, filing-cabinet clutter can be reduced, and even the humblest of us can make significant contributions to the edification of humanity, particularly in developing countries where library access is limited or unavailable. This procedure serves also a valuable community-building function: A person who comes after her, seeking the same information as she, and then finds it on her personal webpage, immediately has access to a contact of similar interests, with whom he can then confer, and to whom he may pose questions, if she is amenable.

That is the spirit which informs the posting of many of the public domain documents you will find in the "files" section of this webpage, and it is the spirit which informs the posting, here, of

The Dukane 28A680 Quantum Data Projector Service and Parts Manual.

Melody and I, having recently upgraded the overhead projector used in our DIY Video Projector, had need of the factory-issued Service and Parts Manual, posted above, but had to go to considerable trouble tracking down a copy, after searching in vain on the web. It is our hope that any who come after us will have to look no further than this page. Any interested viewers will need the freely-available Adobe Acrobat Reader in order to view the file.