epoxy on tap

This 2-in-1 dispenser works great for 2-part epoxy.

Except for certain niche applications, 2-part epoxy is the Bad, Bad Leroy Brown of home-shop adhesives. I use it all the time and, for convenience, sought to expedite preparation thereof by co-opting this 2-in-1 soap/lotion dispenser to provide resin and hardener "on tap," as it were. Some high-end marine epoxy is actually packaged in dispenser-pumps, but I liked the idea of a one-piece dual dispenser I could reload from the hardware store.

The 2-in-1 soap/lotion dispenser as I bought it.

The dispenser has a porcelain body and chromed-plastic pumps. It is cheaply made, but works well enough in this function. I found mine at a discount store for $8US, but it (or a functional analogue) is probably also available somewhere on the Internet. The epoxy itself is from my local hardware store.

The 2-in-1 dispenser with compartments relabelled.

The first step is to relabel the two compartments. I didn't want to trust myself to remember "soap = hardener" and/or "lotion = resin" because of the potentially expensive consequences of mixing them up someday.

The store-bought epoxy resin is added to one side of the dispenser.

One side at a time, the two components are loaded into the dispenser. First the epoxy on one side...

The other half of the store-bought epoxy kit, the hardener, is added to the other side of the dispenser.

...then the hardener on the other. Note holes cut in the bottoms of the inverted squeeze bottles to speed the process up.

The front label information from the epoxy kit is cut out and affixed to one side of the dispenser with clear tape.

I'm hoping this dispenser will serve me a long time. Although resins and hardeners from different brands of epoxies are probably miscible, why take the chance? To insure that I always load the dispenser with the same product, I've cut out the front label from the epoxy kit and taped it to one side of the dispenser.

The rear label and instructions are taped to the backside of the dispenser.

Also, just on the off-chance that I ever need the original instructions or safety information, the back label of the epoxy kit has been cut out and affixed to the reverse face of the dispenser.

It works!

It works! Although a lot of pumping is necessary to prime the two dispenser heads, once they're primed they deliver nice evenly matched portions of epoxy and hardener onto an index card, stacks of which, together with toothpicks for mixing and application, are kept nearby.