plunger paper


where to keep the dern bogroll

The plunger goes in the corner, keeping it readily at hand and providing a convenient place to store the extra TP. (I felt like Robin William's character in 'One Hour Photo' when I took this picture.)

Posting this one is truly compulsive. There's no denying it. I defend it as "design" only insofar as it's a way to do more with less. Before dismissing the idea as altogether trivial, however, consider the following manufactured, marketed, and available-on-the-internet products:

A table for the toilet roll. Works just like a plunger, but, um, without being able to plunge. The rod is bendy--it can go straight up just to store your bogroll, or it can bend over at the top (as shown) to double as a dispenser. Hangs over the edge of the tank to save space on the floor for your plunger.

The first, called "lootable," bills itself as "a table for the toilet roll," and is available from the design-snobby Details-Produkte. The second, called "Gilbert," doubles as a dispenser and features what I think is a suction cup on the bottom to keep it in place, but does not seem to be intended for use as a plunger. It is available from the similarly high-minded Stallinga.

In the first case, there's no denying that the "table for the toilet roll" does serve some legitimate function. Besides keeping the bogroll close at hand, it also keeps it elevated off the floor, which prevents its being ruined should the toilet overflow or the tub leak. Both functions, however, are served just as well by employing a plunger in the same role, with the added benefit that the plunger is also kept close at hand. In the second case, consider that the dispensing function can be served just as well without the bendy part at the top of the rod; provided the suction cup is stuck to the floor the bogroll will dispense just as readily from a vertical orientation as a horizontal one.

Should you or a guest need the plunger or an extra bogroll, they are right at hand, and your guests will be spared the potential indignity of having to ask where they are. In the event of a plunger-related emergency, it is straightforward to lift the entire assembly, dump the bogrolls on the countertop, and use the plunger as usual.