fast free floor cushion

Besides being made from common trash items, the cushion is almost entirely clear, giving it a cool space-age look.

I do not believe in chairs and prefer to sit on the floor when I must. Although a cushion is not really necessary, the house I now inhabit has hardwood floors, and if I'm to be seated for an extended period of time, a cushion can be a nice thing to have around, particularly if I'm going to be meditating. A cloth cushion was undesirable for my purposes because such cushions A) tend to pick up dust from the floor, B) attract the dog, and C) cost money. My solution was to manufacture a cushion from freely available trash items: A polyvinyl zipper bag, of the kind blankets, sheets, and bathrobes are commonly sold in, was packed with strips of Fill-Air inflatable packaging from the Sealed Air Corporation. The seams of the zipper bag were reinforced with clear packing tape.

The cushion supports my 155 lb. ass with ease.

The cushion has been in daily use for about three months now and shows no signs of failure. It is comfortable, does not attract dust, can be cleaned with a wet paper towel and, because it does not hold odors, the family dog has no interest in laying, chewing, or peeing on it. Best of all, it was free, and "manufacturing" it took all of a minute.