fighting chance

The 'Fighting Chance' rectal concealment dagger.

The Fighting Chance is a personal weapon intended to be marketed to the ever-growing planetary (particularly U.S.) prison population. It is an effort to provide prisoners a means to look out for their own personal welfare in a system manifestly incapable and/or unwilling to take that responsibility on itself. There's no point mincing words about what happens in prison: You get butt-fucked. Vulgar words for a vulgar truth. Homosexual rape is the real threat of the American penal system. Prison administrators are aware of this and use it, deliberately, to their advantage. This is nothing short of disgusting. The punishment for a crime should be exactly that which is prescribed by the sentencing court, i.e. a loss of personal liberty over the course of a term of imprisonment, and not a violent, humiliating, and unlawful assault. Politicians score no points standing up for prisoners rights, however. Indeed, history demonstrates that those who send more to jail, for less money, fare better in the polls. So the situation is only going to get worse for prisoners. The Fighting Chance is intended to give men and women incarcerated in a corrupt system exactly that. It features:

The Fighting Chance was inspired, in part, by a rectal escape tool kit manufactured by the CIA during the 1960s for issue to agents operating behind communist lines. (See p.95 of The Ultimate Spy Book, published by Dorling Kindersley, for more information.) It also owes something to the so-called "CIA letter opener," which is a type of plastic knife intended to pass unnoticed through metal detectors. Overall length, when closed, is 4.25"; when open, 7.375". No actual prototype has ever been manufactured. These images were created using the versatile freeware Persistance of Vision raytracing package.

Cut-away view of the 'Fighting Chance' showing threaded blade attachment in open and closed configurations.