Glowbe from the rich side. Glowbe from the poor side.

The Bakehouse restaurant, at blahblah, Austin, TX, has an eight-dollar Beef Wellington. They also have a charming interior with a ubiquitous geographical motif, including swage lamps with terrestrial globes as shades over the tables. I thought this was a cool idea, so I made one for myself.

The glowbe in situ.

The globe itself came from a Fisher-Price toy I bought off eBay on the cheap. Originally, it was a light-up globe designed to sit on a child's desk or bedside table. My contribution consisted of breaking off the stand, widening the hole at the south pole to take a larger bulb, and hanging it over my kitchen table using standard swage lamp hardware. The original toy's lamp socket was intended to accept a tiny low-wattage bayonet-base bulb, but this was not bright enough to serve as an area light, so I replaced it with a standard household screw-base socket. Fearing that the plastic might not be able to withstand the heat of a regular incandescent bulb, however, I decided to install one of the new low-wattage flourescent screw-base type. It seems to be working quite well.