If your peace of mind depends upon your piece of flesh, the two will certainly decay mutually.

You don't need anything they're selling.

We are self-aware. Nonetheless, we are what we are.

Men should not be allowed to think historically, for when in the past they have done so, they have proven themselves capable of commiting inexpressible atrocities, either to regain some past paradise, or in the name of one that is yet to come. Moral men think mainly in the now, and as a consequence, do very little. This, unfortunately, tends to make them poor politicians.

Drugs teach you that the world is in your head. Getting off drugs teaches you that you can conquer the world, because you can conquer what's in your head.

Fight for what you believe in and nothing else. That way we can all be sure we're killing the right people.

Thinking far into the future is one of the best ways ever invented for a man to spoil his happiness.

Hell is the ultimate nightmare, the idea that suffering might not die with the body and might ultimately be found out as the substance of which the universe is mainly composed.

Work is that force which acts in opposition to entropy.

I did quite well at law school. My LSAT scores were high, I was on a full scholarship, and it was widely agreed that I had potential. At the end of the first semester, however, I had a moral crisis and decided to withdraw. I just couldn't conscience being a lawyer. I decided on a career as a land-mine manufacturer instead.

Only in history books are wars fought for noble reasons.

On Body Modification:
Life puts permanent marks on us anyway; you might as well take control of the process.

I reject the term "philosopher;" I prefer to be called a "sophiphiliac."

The most terrifying notion that can be formulated in English is this: "Anything's possible."

The best measure of artistic talent is the ability to overcome the limitations inherent in one's chosen medium. The history of painting, for example, can be viewed as the ongoing struggle of the visual intelligence against the limitations of a flat canvas.

The way to stimulate truly innovative thinking is to limit your options, not expand them.

There are those men who live in thrall of the deeds of their fathers, and there are those who live to best them.

The impenetrability of a book commodifies it. No one will pay $29.95 plus tax for a fortune cookie, even though in the long run fifteen words may be more memorable, and more useful, than fifteen thousand.
Our problem is not too few words; it is too many.

A reasoned approach to writing today treats paper as what it really is - a precious commodity - and words as what they really are - a necessary evil.

Who wouldn't be confused by a language where a pastry is a sweetmeat and a pancreas is a sweetbread?

How savagely we murder our innocence, when we are young, and how dearly we mourn its passing, when it is gone.

A man's courage is established by his fears. The agoraphobe who ventures a rock concert may be more courageous than the sociopath who storms a beach.

Aesthetics is the philosophy of value in the absence of economic or moral constraints.

"Professionalism" is a much nicer word than "dehumanization."

The central question in science education is, "How do we take normal teenagers and turn them into people who care what the fluorescence lifetime of gaseous iodine is?"

The tendency to stereotype is as firmly ingrained as the use of the indefinite article.

Judge quickly, lest ye be judged first.